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January 6, 2013
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January 6, 2013
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Sneaky Shorts

Sneaky Shorts


The Best Portable Beverage Container
Sneaky Shorts sneaks past security – Sporting Events, Concerts, Parties and ……
• Wearable, CONCEALABLE, Beverage Container
• Thin, Flexible, and Reusable
• One-Size-Fits-All
• Holds over 24 oz
• Durable double wall construction
• Satisfaction guaranteed
• Made in U.S.A.

Compared to other beverage containers on the market, Sneaky Shorts conceal ability puts it in another league. Metal flasks or bulky bottles are easily noticed. Sneaky Shorts free up your hands and hold plenty of fluids, all fully concealed under your pants!
Sneaky Shorts hang from a belt (included) that goes around your waist. The container’s Patent Pending Stay Thin technology is designed to do just that, STAY THIN WHEN FILLED. This keeps it undetectable and adds comfort from even weight distribution.
SNEAKY SHORTS pays for itself the first event you use it. Great for tailgating at professional and college sports like football games, NASCAR races, concerts, and any other spectator event. Stop paying high concession prices. SNEAKY SHORTS can hold enough for you and several friends! Forget about carrying a water bottle, FREE up your hands with Sneaky Shorts. Makes a great gift!

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You Tube Video, Watch here!
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Directions and Sneaky Tips:

1. To make walking easier, tuck end of Tubes into Socks. Or, place large rubber band around leg and tube. Or if you are running… do both!
2. If Nylon belt is too long, tighten to comfort, and then trim excess to desired length.
3. By placing your forearm on Fluid Bladder while leaning over to fill your cup, you may easily apply additional pressure to drain beverage.
4. Use different beverages in each Bladder for Mixed Drinks!
5. To improve tube cleanliness, fold end of tube in a “U” shape back up into the clip, as shown:
6. By folding your foot upon your other knee, you can have easy access that does not require bending down to your foot while wearing pants.
7. Sliding Fluid Bladders to your rear may decrease likelihood of detection during frisk (remember not to sit on Fluid Bladder- they are not cushions).
8. Securely tighten belt around chest, so tubes fall at waist. Do not too over tighten and restrict breathing. Now you’re draining from the hip!

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